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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Game Android Sky Pilot 3D Strike Fighters

Game Android Sky Pilot 3D Strike Fighters - I would like to invite you to fly with less air, rather than as a passenger but as the pilot. Feel how it feels to be in the cockpit with navigation - aircraft navigation. Eits, not busy with the pilot's seat you yes ... the best - the enemy planes came and went and the ambition to finish off your plane.

Sky Pilot 3D Strike FightersCalm and do not panic! Because your plane piloti also be fully armed fighter. Shoot the other plane is what requires more practice. Enemies certainly do not want to be quiet and wait for the shot. This is where the thrill kerjar - the pursuit of mutual releases between aircraft and attack each other.

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Sky Pilot 3D Strike Fighters

Sky Pilot 3D Strike Fighters

If you are still not familiar with the machine gun which use is still manual, use bullets missiles. Missile would pursue the enemy by itself, but before you have to lock the target first. With certain distance enemy aircraft will lock automatically. Oh yes, you can set view game like you really are in the cockpit of the aircraft or if it confuses you, featuring the best you can fully make it easier for you to control the aircraft.

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